About Us

As of October 2020, SGC-Botanicals has taken over the South African agency for KräuterMix from Kazana Trading Consultants, for the supply of juniper berries, botanicals, herbs and spices.

Kazana was founded 10 years ago by Elke Schwarz, and has become established as the major supplier of juniper berries to the South African Gin Industry.

In order to provide continuity in our family business and continue to provide Kazana's clients with the same excellent service, we have moved the operations of Kazana over to our sister company, the industrial equipment supplier Schwarz Global Consulting.


The operation will be running under the name SGC-Botanicals and will  continue to supply our industrial customers with the highest quality of herbs, spices, botanicals and dried fruit products.

We will also supply juniper berries for craft gin distilleries in quantities of between 1 and 28kg, making it possible for such distilleries to source juniper berries at very competitive prices.



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